Switzerland, b. 1962

Starting his artistic path as a painting student, the Swiss artist Conrad Jon Godly returned to the medium of oil painting in his mature years, after over a decade of working as a photographer. Following the inner voice of the Bündner Alps in his home region, Godly constantly seeks to represent the pure essence of the mountains with daring and powerful brushstrokes and a minimalist palete. Godly’s painting technique is reflective of the core themes of his subject. There is a natural, organic confidence in each stroke - unconditioned by analysis or retrospect - which assures the viewer of Godly's intimate relationship with the paint. 


Having staged monumental solo exhibitions at galleries and museums across the world, from Europe to Asia, Godly's emotive work is renowned internationally and the artist has received extensive critical acclaim from curators, critics and collectors for his ever-evolving practice. His work is universally acknowledged and appreciated across cultures; so much so that the art historian and critic Yamashita Yuji addresses his works as ‘sansui oil paintings’, comparing them with Chinese-style landscape painting. 


We are incredibly excited to welcome Conrad to Unit London and to show the watching world what the next chapter looks like in the remarkable narrative of this uniquely gifted painter.