The devotee of eighteenth century art set to present first ever museum exhibition
May 5, 2017

In his reimagining of the ‘Grand Style’ of portraits from a bygone era, Jake Wood-Evans finds himself in great company this month, as he joins twelve artists, including Glenn Brown and Julie Cockburn in REPORTRAIT at the Nottingham Castle Gallery. The exhibition is exclusively presenting artists who share Jake’s vision to disrupt and rework the traditions of figurative portraiture. Each has created a work that projects a new and dramatic identity upon the bedrock of a historical source.



Jake’s work consistently encourages this discourse between the old and the new, the source and recreated image. By scraping away the idealized veneer of the past and layering his spectral subjects with luminous hues, Jake imbues the sitters with a sense of ambiguity and unexpected vulnerability. 



Catch Jake’s brand new painting at REPORTRAIT, which runs from 27 May – 10 September 2017 at Nottingham Castle Museum.

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