UPCOMING EXHIBITION | Will Martyr | Wanderlust

April 13, 2017
UPCOMING EXHIBITION | Will Martyr | Wanderlust


We are delighted to announce the debut Unit London solo exhibition of London-based artist, Will Martyr. Opening this summer, Wanderlust presents twenty new large-scale paintings from the artist’s most recent body of work. Questioning how today’s mass-consumption of imagery affects our perception of reality and notion of personal experience and memory, Martyr’s paintings transport us into an alienated dreamworld of utopian promise.

Utilising a myriad of photography, found images and personal experiences, Martyr computer generates his images before projecting them onto the canvas. Intensely methodical and precise, he often spends days masking and planning his compositions before carefully choosing the colour combinations to complete the work. While operating within a rigid framework that strives for linear perfection, Martyr manages to conjure profoundly emotional and moving works of art that redefine the aesthetic of painting in the new media age.
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